Songcatcher- Songs of South Gippsland

    The Songcatcher project captures the songs and music of the South Gippsland region and tells stories of life and nature in Bass Coast- from the coast to the hills. Contributing Artists Drifting Sands- John Coldebella (Wonthaggi) The Other Island- The Coast Road (French Island) Gippsland Hills- Tom Saunders (Corinella) Music Circle- Jacqui PaulsonContinue reading “Songcatcher- Songs of South Gippsland”

Up the River

We recently conducted an aerial survey for East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority which looked at a stretch of the Mitchell River. Working with Dale from Fluid Motion, we documented a 5 kilometre stretch of river and bank which will have willows removed, the banks destabilised and the area re vegetated. We will be returning overContinue reading “Up the River”

Digital History

Drift Media recently completed a fantastic project which utilised GPS mapping and historical information.  In partnership with the West Gippsland Regional Library and the Wonthaggi Historical Society, the project focussed on 7 sites around the town. Using portable devices such as iPads and Mp3 recorders, the Historical Society sourced images, wrote scripts and recorded theirContinue reading “Digital History”

Learning Stones Project for new Wonthaggi Library

In November, Drift Media was proud to be part of the Learning Stones Project. Organised by the West Gippsland Regional Library and co ordinated by John Murray- Koorie Engagement Officer for DEECD Gippsland, the project involved kinder and school students from Wonthaggi painting Learning Stones poles for a new space in the new library!