Digital History

Drift Media recently completed a fantastic project which utilised GPS mapping and historical information. WONTHAGGI STN a

In partnership with the West Gippsland Regional Library and the Wonthaggi Historical Society, the project focussed on 7 sites around the town.

Using portable devices such as iPads and Mp3 recorders, the Historical Society sourced images, wrote scripts and recorded their voiceovers to produce several short form movies.

These movies were then uploaded to a Youtube channel-

From there, the Youtube movies were linked to GPS points around the town.




To access the tour simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Get App
  2. Once download , Search for “Wonthaggi Digital History”.  Save to “My Tours”
  3. Head out to the location and load the tour in the Geotour App.  As you walk around and get close to a location you can click on the pin to activate a movie and slide.

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