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Drift Media has produced several DVD and webstream titles which are available for purchase.

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Quickly Go MadQuickly Go Mad

50 knots or 92.6 kilometres an hour is not that quick, right???  When you are hurtling down the speed run at Sandy Point with centimetres separating you from the sandbank, and water too shallow to keep going, you might think again! On the 27th September, 2009 a giant low pressure system pushed through Bass Strait…Winds were recorded in excess of 60 knots, and while the rest of the state bunkered down, a group of slightly unhinged individuals raced to Sandy Point in Victoria to tackle the elements head on…At the end of the day, bodies were battered and bruised, but the elusive 50 knot barrier was broken..
Filmed over the Speed Fortnight in 2009, this DVD captures the essence of speed sailing in Victoria.

“Quickly Go Mad is a locally produced DVD that is a must for anybody into speed sailing.This video is a landmark in Australian windsurfing as it captures the spirit and character of these humble, yet world class windsurfers who are taking their bodies to the highest speeds possible on windsurfing gear.  A truly entertaining documentary, and an extras section featuring GoPro onboard footage of speed runs, and a few stacks.For me, this video leaves me smiling every time as the passion of the people involved comes through.”

Adventure Tour of Fiji

Paradise Blown


In 2010, RPS shop guru Adrian Rowe and local sailor Matt Tonner designed their own longboard and embarked on an ambitious adventure to sail unassisted and self supported around the Fijian Islands. Not everything went to plan…


Paradise Blown was screened in an exclusive “invite- only” event and has been converted into a three part web series.




Colours By Numbers- Screened on ABC1, ABC2 and Australia Network- 2010 and 2011
“In a highly specialized, highly intellectual competition, one team of unqualified, under- prepared individuals attempts to make their mark!”
Australia’s first national sudoku team (The Numbats) travel into the unknown of competitive puzzling as they enter the World Sudoku Championships in Goa, India.

The Numbats consist of four ex-rugby mates, all keen to represent their country in some form or another. With moderate-at-best sudoku skills they enter the tournament unqualified and underprepared.  Competing against numerical geniuses from the world over, including the much fancied tournament favourite, Thomas Snyder, the Numbats experience what representing their country is all about.

(Sydney Morning Herald)   
Monday March 29, 2010

Colours by Numbers: the Sudokumentary ABC1, 9.25pmIt’s fair to say the Numbats of 2008 will never sit in the pantheon of great Aussie teams, a la the ’84 Wallabies or the Hockeyroos through the ’80s and ’90s. As the national team bound for the world sudoku championships, they had barely finished a puzzle between them, much less entered a competition.But what they lack in talent they make up for in commitment to represent their country. They are the only team at the championships in Goa, with four different national uniforms. One of these, the No. 1 dress uniform, has a blazer modelled on the 1936 Australian Olympic rowing jacket. In their warm-ups they are possibly the only team to break out in a sweat, or even go outside.”As my mum always said, if you can’t play like a team always look like a team,” says Mick Colliss, the Numbats’ founder.This at times very funny documentary follows Colliss and his three former rugby mates as they prepare for and compete in the world champs. Each of them had dreams of playing for his country at other sports but was never good enough. Now they have finally found a way to wear the green and gold which they seem to do at every opportunity, to the increasing annoyance of some competitors.Colliss and Mark Skiffington, the team captain, dreamt up the idea on their way to a Bledisloe Cup match. Colliss found no Australian sudoku team existed and nominated himself as representative on the World Puzzle Federation, which then allowed him to pick the national team.Though there are interviews and snippets about the world of sudoku and its buck-toothed grand master, Thomas Snyder, this is really a documentary about sport, especially the overseas team tour, delivered with satire and a fair bit of reverence.It’s left to Colliss’s wife to speak up for those sudoku competitors who take the puzzle seriously and might be miffed at the presence of the hapless Aussies. “I hardly mention it because I feel embarrassed,” she says.

(Excerpt from Sunday Times Magazine – Sunday 08/02/2009)
They came last in the recent World Sudoku Championships in Goa, India.  But that didn’t stop Australia’s self appointed Sudoku champs The Numbats from holding a rousing preview of Colours By Numbers, their ‘Sudokumentary’ at UWA.

Nearly 250 guests laughed at the short film that follows the flag waving and faux pas of ex rugby team mates Mick Colliss, Mark Skiffington and brothers Hamish and Sandy Sutherland.  “We couldn’t even spell Sudoku let alone play it” Colliss told film critic Shannon Harvey.  “But we were proud to fulfil a dream to represent our country.”


Swell Mamas- In the Moment

Released June 2014

Swell Mamas: In The Moment premierd on Friday 27 June in Inverloch. Swell Mamas started in Inverloch five years ago, mentoring and supporting women to surf, meeting weekly and providing equipment and a good fun vibe.

The Swell Mamas, with the support of a Quick Response Grant through the Regional Arts Fund, made a film documenting an intensive six week supported program: Swell Mamas Supported. This project connected Swell Mamas and the Bass Coast Community Health Service’s Supported Parents Playgroup Initiative to focus on building the confidence, body image, fun and social connections for women and children. Through surfing. Set on the beautiful local coast, this film highlights the importance of community and of social investment.

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Out of The Blue

Out of the Blue - Final copyAfter a succession of suicides in the region in 2014, Bass Coast Health undertook an innovative approach to Mens Health and Depression by developing a Play about this not often talked about subject.
This documentary follows the process, and looks at how, in a community such as Bass Coast, a collective approach from performers, local health agencies, and media specialists has created a greater understanding about this challenging subject.


Read Review from South Gippsland Sentinel Times

Watch Full Documentary


Speaking of Art- The Robert Smith Art Collection

The Robert Smith Art Collection has been generously gifted to Bass Coast by art historian and collector, Mr. Robert Smith.

The collection is made up of approximately 600 works, including limited edition prints, works on paper, paintings, sculptures, ceramics and photographs.

These works are by Australian and International artists spanning from the sixteenth century up to the millennium.

This collection is unique and represents a lifetime of commitment to collecting artworks and supporting artists with a strong humanist influence.

Mr. Robert Smith is a cultural historian who has held positions of responsibility, respect and regard at all levels of the arts industry.

He began collecting art as early as 1948, when he bought two Noel Counihan silkscreen prints for five shillings each. Since then his collection has grown to become something truly remarkable.

A documentary film, ‘Speaking of Art the Bob Smith Collection’, is a project funded by Council and produced by Drift Media.

The documentary film, which was made with assistance from Mr. Smith, promotes some of the more remarkable works and the diversity of the collection, providing insight into the history and stories behind the art works and collector.

Council is currently investigating how the art works will be made available for public viewing in the future.

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