Songcatcher- Songs of South Gippsland




The Songcatcher project captures the songs and music of the South Gippsland region and tells stories of life and nature in Bass Coast- from the coast to the hills.

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Contributing Artists

  • Drifting Sands- John Coldebella (Wonthaggi)
  • The Other Island- The Coast Road (French Island)
  • Gippsland Hills- Tom Saunders (Corinella)
  • Music Circle- Jacqui Paulson (Wonthaggi)
  • Box In The Sky- Rob Gray- with Colin Mathews and E.J VanGeest (Phillip Island & Cape Paterson)
  • Tarwin Town- Alison Chapman (Inverloch)

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The DVD features

  • Stories Behind The Songs
  • The Songs performed on location
  • Photo Slideshow




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Up the River

We recently conducted an aerial survey for East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority which looked at a stretch of the Mitchell River.

Working with Dale from Fluid Motion, we documented a 5 kilometre stretch of river and bank which will have willows removed, the banks destabilised and the area re vegetated.

We will be returning over the life of the project to document the changes.

Corner Inlet

Over the last 12 months, Drfit Media has been working with the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, South Gippsland Landcare and GippsDairy on a media project which focusses on Corner Inlet.

The project looked at the Inlet from a stakeholders perspective and reinforced the message that all users along the waterway and up in the catchment were interconnected.


As part of the process, the Agencies ran a Farmer and Fisher Day where farmers were taken out to the fishing grounds, and in return, fishers were then taken onto the farm.


There’s interesting things happening above and below the waves.  Corner Inlet has experienced changes to its seagrass meadows and scientists are trying to work out why.

Read Article in FISH_v23number3pg30


Digital History

Drift Media recently completed a fantastic project which utilised GPS mapping and historical information. WONTHAGGI STN a

In partnership with the West Gippsland Regional Library and the Wonthaggi Historical Society, the project focussed on 7 sites around the town.

Using portable devices such as iPads and Mp3 recorders, the Historical Society sourced images, wrote scripts and recorded their voiceovers to produce several short form movies.

These movies were then uploaded to a Youtube channel-

From there, the Youtube movies were linked to GPS points around the town.




To access the tour simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Get App
  2. Once download , Search for “Wonthaggi Digital History”.  Save to “My Tours”
  3. Head out to the location and load the tour in the Geotour App.  As you walk around and get close to a location you can click on the pin to activate a movie and slide.

See Related Article (in PDF Format)


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SGYC ICWD Regatta 2015 DVD


Held over the Australia Day long weekend, the Dinghy Regatta sees wooden boats of various shapes and sizes take to the waters of Anderson Inlet.

2015 DVD or Downloads Are Now Available!


The DVD features race and on water footage, and interviews with regatta participants and organisers.
Highlights from 2014
Follow this link to tune into Wooden Boat TV– the South Gippsland Yacht Club’s Online Channel


Out of The Blue

Drift Media  in partnership with Mezzanine Productions recently produced a play called Out of the Blue.  The play premiered in San Remo on the 3rd October and centred on men’s health and depression, with a specific focus on rural areas.

Working with some fine local acting talent, the performance was extremely well received, and was reviewed in the South Coast Sentinel Times.

On the success and reaction to the first performance, the play was also performed in Wonthaggi in early November.

It is hoped that the play can tour regional areas in the future.

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A documentary outlining the process that the performers and agencies went through can be viewed below.


Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta

Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta


Held over the Australia Day long weekend, the Dinghy Regatta saw over 30 wooden boats of various shapes and sizes take to the waters of Anderson Inlet.

Drift Media has created a limited edition DVD and File Download which captures the spectacle of the event.

DVD or Download Now Available!


With almost an hour of content,  the DVD includes race and on water footage, and interviews with local identities, regatta participants and organisers.

DVD: $30 + postage
FIle Download:  $20

To order, simply email Mick @ Drift Media-

Don’t forget to include your address details and your delivery preference (DVD or Download).

Ramp It Up Festival

Drift Media recently produced a short film for the flashmob which occurred as part of Bass Coast Shire’s Ramp It Up festival in November, 2013.

The footage was obtained from 2 locked off cameras, 2 chase cameras, and 9 “crowd sourced” cameras from members of the public.


Thanks to Roy Worner (Stills), Tony Andrews & Trevor Allan (Wonthaggi Movie Makers).